Gestione Sinistri

Brokeritaly, with its ad- hoc structure, has enforced a system able to provide an accurate assistance to the management of loss, both active and passive. Depending on the  specific kind of  agreement at issue, this system allows to:

  • Monitor in real time own vehicular fleet;
  • Reduce insurance frauds with a corresponding  fee benefit;
  • Prepare a correct report of damage, thanks to the capacity to examine within 24/48 hours a mapping of the damaging event;
  • Send a correct report of the damage, providing a suitable customized  form for the arrangement of the report to the Company.

Our structure will work together  with the customer in order to provide all the appropriate assistance to consent:

  • A collection and a selection  of the documentation of costs related to the accident;
  • A correct cross-examination with Companies’ experts to define the economical quantification of the damage and to obtain a faster damage liquidation.