RC auto

Law  N.  990, 24th December 1969, has set up the obligation of the civil liability coverage to pilot a motor vehicle. Today car civil liability agreements are regulated by  Civil Code, which establishes general rules, and by d. lgs. 209/2005 (Insurance Code), which contains all the previous rules.

Companies that work in this field must have ISVAP authorization.

Maximale coverage for civil liability, that is the highest refundable sum a year , must respect minimums set up by the law. To this day every maximale must not be lower than 2.500.000,00 euro for damages to people and than 500.000,00 euro for damages to objects. Concerning this, d. lgs. 198/2007 has decided to raise minimum maximale up to 5 millions and 1 million within 11th /06/2012.

In the past years, the Car civil Liability market has had many fluctuations with a consequent considerable increase of premiums. This increase has depended also from the business policies of some companies which have reduced the engagement of new customers.

This is the reason why Brokeritaly has decided to go countertrend, creating new Agreements with the main insurance companies in order to offer to its customers answers able to safeguard them  and to moderate premiums.

These Agreements comprehend also other warranties, called A.R.D. like:

  • Fire and robbery;
  • Driver’s accidents;
  • Assistance;
  • Car Windows;
  • Legal Guardianship;
  • Atmospheric Events;
  • Social and politic Events (Strikes, uprising, civil disorders, acts of vandalism, etc).