Enti pubblici

Public Administration in Italy is the main protagonist in the management of public utilities services. Its role requires a greater risks’ protection to safeguard  balance and management and to decrease the growing number of legal cases.

Main  Services

Brokeritaly wants to create an ad hoc work Team between our internal resources and Public bodies’ resources, in order to provide the following services:

  • Analysis and specification of Public Body’s risks
  • A mapping of the existing coverage
  • Assistance in drafting the agreements’ specifications and help to fulfill the procedures to acquire  the insurance services
  • Assistance to technic- administrative offices and to business centres that manage the res publica, in order to guarantee the service supply.
  • Active and passive accidents management and connected check of the internal organization system and the internal/external relation  of the Administration, in order to guarantee an efficient service supply.


The reason of Brokeritaly’s service is to form on the inside of the Public Body resources who are able to interface with the insurance world, in order to reach the main purpose to moderate the accidents’ increase with the consequent rationalization of cost.