Energy sector is a basic point of our economy. During the latest years it has conquered a very important position in the hierarchical scale of the production cycle, thanks to a greater awareness  of the public opinion, especially about what is related the following power sources: photovoltaic, wind power, biomasses, regasification, waste cycle, etc.

This awareness has convinced us that it was necessary to invest in Energy Managers able to help customers since  the project stage to the installation and its put to work.  The purpose is to exactly identify, analyse, quantify  and  mild risks and to transfer them to the insurance market.

The main coverage in the power sector are:

  • Deposits
  • Performance Bond
  • Professional Civil Liability
  • Transports
  • Erection All Risks
  • Provision Guarantee
  • Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP)
  • Indemnity ten – year Posthumous
  • General Civil Liability
  • Pollution Civil Liability
  • All Risks Property
  • Break down machines