Welfare service is one of the most important field in a welfare state. In our Country, the most part of social cost  is absorbed from the pension program, as disposed by our law. However , this program presents many risks which could threaten the financial sustainability of the pension system.

Possible risks could be : a slowdown of the economic  growth;  rise of the unemployment rate with consequent  decrease of the contributory withdrawal; change of the demographic structure of the society; decrease of the birthrate; lengthening of the life expectation. All these events cause an high economic dependence index and have repercussions on public expense. In fact, taxpayers usually pay to the Treasury more than what they’ll receive when they’ll retire.

Besides, conflicts between contributory and pay system make the future more confused.

The solution to this situation is given from complementary insurance products complementary to the public pension system.

New economic subjects side by side to the State as provider  of  pension services would be a necessary opening to the new economy and most of all a bright management of one’s own pension future.

It is possible to increase one’s own welfare incomes subscribing individual capitalization forms, which are a part of the Third Pillar. The range of alternatives is represented by individual pension policies (PIP), by opened funds  and by life  insurance policies convertible to income.

The advantages of this choice can be noticed in the certain income for savers. This income is determined by rewarding taxes and my suitable financial mechanisms, which are only marginally influenced from financial turbulences.

Therefore, the purpose of Brokeritaly is to orient its customers towards the most effective  and efficient reaction, providing them the solution the most suitable  to their needs.