Clinical Risk Management

Clinical risk management is the whole of efforts put into action to improve clinical performances’ quality ant to guarantee customers’ security  by learning from mistakes.

Brokeritaly’s consultants have gained their experience in the main clinical structure. They help customers:

  • To identify and analyse risk profiles;
  • To activate a monitoring system;
  • To set and enforce prevention measures
  • To verify improvement actions;

in order to determine the insurance policy which is the most advantageous and profitable seen both from the economic and property protection point of view. Therefore risk management policies will be aimed to prevent the avoidable mistakes and to control their possible damaging effects.

In clinical practice is fundamental to promote  the development of a more careful health culture, closer to patients and health workers, in order to cut the cost of services and to set aside resources to safe and efficient clinical structures.

Brokeritaly’s  main purpose is to provide to all health workers a training in patients’ safety and in clinical risk management fields. At the same time, Brokeritaly  wants to provide  to Regions, self- governing  Provinces and Companies which must develop  training programs, a valid instrument to improve  quality and safety of treatments.

For  Brokeritaly patients’ safety  is placed on the  inside of an overall quality improvement. Making the  clinical system more reliable and safer is a necessary challenge. It will require to analyses  critical situations concerning patients’ assistance, to debate and  improve clinical files and to comprehend any  mistake that might be hided under the adverse event.