Why Brokeritaly ?


Brokeritaly was born in 2011 from  a few young people business venture.

They wanted  to react to the world- market crisis  by using the business feeling that so well distinguishes our Nation and finding the right mood to take up a new professional career.

Cause the best  way to react is to act.


To evaluate the best solutions for customers, ranging over nation and worldwide products


To offer a professional and ethical consultancy maximizing customer’s advantages through the leading of insurance programs  in the Operations Management and by guaranteeing the best profit and the best service.

Broker casting

brokeraggio assicurativo

BROKERITALYis an insurance consultancy and broking firm that borns in a competitiveness and complexity market context. Its purpose is to give innovative answers to the growing demands of customers who ask for specialist consultancy and professional expertise and to evaluate the best solutions  to the different expressed needs.

Brokeritaly represents a Team of experts which offers its own professionalism without  sole bound with insurance companies, so that it can guarantee for autonomy and objectiveness of  the proposed solutions.