Brokeraggio Assicurativo

Brokeritaly was born to  provide consultancy to Companies and Public Administration and to support them  in the estimation and management of risk areas.

It offers real advantageous  insurance programs in a professional and ethical way, improving profits and services.

In Italy, insurance broking is regulated by D. Lgs. 209/2005 “ New Insurance Code of Laws”, implemented by Regulations n. 5  on  16.10.2006. This Code  introduces the “Unique Register of Brokers” and the obligation to be registered at it  to allocate broking insurance services.

The above law establishes:

  • The final adherence to the Guarantee Fund, constituted at I.S.V.A.P. Vigilance Commission in order to guarantee the injured party against the  Broker’s defaulting behaviour.
  • The obligation to stipulate an appropriate insurance coverage for  Civil Professional responsibility, extended to co- workers’ betrayal.


  • Consultancy and analysis of customer’s insurance position
  • Consultancy and professional advices  answering to specific questions
  • Drafting a customized insurance program
  • Risk Management
  • Research of the best terms for risks’placement on the market
  • Policies Management
  • Accident Management, up to the damage liquidation
  • New products planning for particular needs
  • Training